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Morgen / Adventurous Espresso

Morgen / Adventurous Espresso

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With the Morgen Blend we want to explore the possibilities of fun and flavoursome espresso. We change this espresso seasonally. We aim to celebrate fruitiness, florals and complexity: this espresso is for people who want something a little different.

This version of the Morgen Blend is sweet and indulgent. We’ve chosen two especially rich and creamy coffees, and blended them in a 50:50 ratio. Both these coffees are naturally processed and together they make an espresso that tastes like ripe strawberry, milk chocolate and cream, with some floral top notes.

Brazil - Cafeina Women’s Group - Natural - 50%

Ethiopia - Shebera Shonora - Natural - 50%

Tasting Notes

Milch Schokolade, Zimt, Mandeln, Erdbeeren

Milk chocolate, Cinnamon, Almond, Strawberry

Cafeina Women’s Group was formed in 2019 and today has over 1,800 members. It is a sub-group of the much larger Cocatrel Cooperative in Sul de Minas, Brazil. One of Cafeina’s aims is to use peer to peer training to help elevate coffee quality to “specialty” standards.

This coffee acts as the base for the espresso blend: providing nutty and milk-chocolate flavours.

Shebera Shonora has been producing coffee for over 10 years and recently gained his own export license. This means that he can connect directly with international buyers and retain higher value for his coffees. 

This coffee is made up of tiny beans, grown at very high altitude in Guji, Ethiopia. The beans are distinctively small and unorthodox in shape, and are packed full of flavour. 

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