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Morgen / Adventurous Espresso

Morgen / Adventurous Espresso

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With the Morgen Blend we want to explore the possibilities of fun and flavoursome espresso. We change this espresso seasonally. We aim to celebrate fruitiness, florals and complexity: this espresso is for people who want something a little different.

This version of the Morgen Blend is sweet and fruity. We've chosen a rich and creamy coffee as a base, which we are blending with two fruit-forward, floral coffees to create an interesting and complex blend.

Brazil - Cafeina Women’s Group - Natural - 20%

Ethiopia - Korommii - Natural - 40%

Kenya - Kii C - Washed - 40%

Tasting Notes

Caramel, Orange, Hazelnut, fruity and floral

Caramel, Orange, Hazelnut, fruity and floral


Cafeina Women’s Group was formed in 2019 and today has over 1,800 members. It is a sub-group of the much larger Cocatrel Cooperative in Sul de Minas, Brazil. One of Cafeina’s aims is to use peer to peer training to help elevate coffee quality to “specialty” standards.

This coffee acts as the base for the espresso blend: providing nutty and milk-chocolate flavours.

Korommii This coffee is harvested by a small group of farmers, who named their collective after the sub-region of the same name, Koromii. The Koromii farmers are part of the Sookoo group, who are managed by a local agronomy and permaculture expert, Ture Waji.

Korommii is one of our favorite coffees year after year, with it's texture-forward creamy/juicy character and wonderful florals. This isn't only a part of the Morgen blend for its wonderful flavor, but also contributes a pleasant floral aroma. 

Kii C is a C-grade coffee we were able to source from the Kii Coffee Factory in Kirinyaga, Kenya. Similar to Kii PB, that we loved so much last year, this coffee has a complex citric and malic acidity, alongside some deeper earthy notes. It adds a real zing, complexity and depth to the Morgen blend.

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