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GESTERN - Classic Espresso Blend

GESTERN - Classic Espresso Blend

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Inspired by our Italian neighbours and their rich espresso tradition, the Gestern Blend is our modern interpretation of classic espresso. 

For the Gestern Blend we roast a little darker than usual: caramelizing the sugars and developing malt and chocolate flavours. We aim to find the sweet spot of a darker roast-- keeping the flavour and character of the coffees intact, while seeking a full-bodied cup with a long aftertaste.

We're proud to say that the coffees that we source for the Gestern Blend are from two of our longest relationships. Both Cafeina Women's Group and Macenta Beans are projects that we've supported since their creation.

Brazil - Cafeina Women's Group - Natural - 80%

Guinea - Macenta Beans - Semi Washed - Robusta Cannephora - 20%

The primary component is our most popular coffee, produced by members of a women’s cooperative in Brazil. Cafeina Women's Group was founded in 2019 and has rapidly grown to represent over 1,800 members. The group's aims are: to celebrate the diversity of work done by women within the coffee industry, to empower women coffee growers through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and to increase the market-share of women-grown coffees.

The second component is a fine robusta coffee, produced in the Macenta region of Guinea. We’re super proud to be working with Macenta Beans, who are founded by Guinean born, German educated Mamy Dioubaté. Mamy has years of experience in the coffee industry and a background in economics. They recently held a successful crowd-funding campaign to build a new and state-of-the-art washing station in Macenta. The company focuses on supporting natural biodiversity and bee populations alongside coffee growing, and on using innovation and technology to apply specialty-grade processing to robusta coffee. As you might be able to tell, we’re excited to be working with them!

The addition of a robusta component brings extra body and crema to the Gestern Blend. With the 80 : 20 Arabica : Robusta ratio, we believe that you get all the best flavour attributes from arabica, alongside the body and creaminess of robusta coffee.

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