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Cafeina Womens Group

Cafeina Womens Group

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Producer Names: members of Cafeina Women's Group

Exporter/Importer: Cocatrel / Falcon Specialty

Processing: Natural

Region: Tres Pontes, Minas Gerais

Tasting Notes:

Dunkle Schokolade,  Mandeln, Pflaumen

Dark Chocolate, Almond, Red Plums


2023 is the fourth year that we have purchased coffee from the Cafeina Women’s Group in Sul de Minas, Brazil. 

The group was formed in 2019 and consists of over 1,800 women coffee growers, all of whom are part of the larger Cocatrel Cooperative in Tres Pontas, Sul De Minas, Brazil. Comprising approximately 20 percent of the Cocatrel Cooperative, these 1154 women producers established Cafeina so that, together, they could have a more influential voice within Cocatrel. The group was also founded to share knowledge: the group members meet every two months to participate in workshops and training.

The Cafeina is our most popular coffee. We use it in all three of our espresso blends as well as offering it as a single origin. We think it makes a full-bodied and balanced espresso, or a simple cup of filter coffee. It tastes like dark chocolate, marzipan, plum and apple, and smells like fresh pine. 

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