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Balcon de la Montaña - Colombia - Natural Gesha

Balcon de la Montaña - Colombia - Natural Gesha

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Producer Name: Mauricio Duque

Exporter/Importer: Azahar / Olam Specialty

Processing: Natural

Varietal: Geisha

Region: Caldas, Colombia

Tasting Notes:

Maracuja, Jasmin, Rambutan, Karamel, cremig

Passionfruit, Jasmine, Rambutan, Caramel, Cream

Mauricio’s Duque’s coffee farm is named “Balcony of the Mountains” and we can’t imagine anything more beautiful. This particular coffee was included in a blind cupping that we attended at World of Coffee in Milan and we fell in love with it immediately. 

World of Coffee events can sometimes feel like a whirlwind… you taste so many coffees and meet so many incredible people, it sometimes feels hard to come away with anything tangible after three days of caffeinated convention-centre haze. 

We’re very excited to be able to buy and share Mauricio’s coffee and we hope that you’re taken-aback by it too.

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