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Nascentes Womens Group - Brazil - Natural

Nascentes Womens Group - Brazil - Natural

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Producer Name: Members of Nascentes Group

Exporter/Importer: Sancoffee / Algrano

Processing: Natural

Region: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Tasting notes: 

Milch Schokolade, Banane, Mandel

milk chocolate, banana, almond

We have been working with the Brazilian farmer-founded export group Sancoffee for five years now. We were delighted when one of their team, Ana Claudia, asked if we’d like to learn more about a new initiative founded by and for women coffee producers in Campos das Vertentes.

The group Nascentes was founded to celebrate the often-unheralded work that women do in all areas of the coffee industry. The first steps of the project involved several meetings with women in different producer association groups to better understand their challenges and what they needed to achieve more equitable outcomes in the industry. The name Nascentes comes from the Portuguese word for “spring”, “source”, or starting point. 

2022 was the first harvest that Nascentes officially produced coffee as a collective. They have marketed and exported this coffee with Sancoffee. They share knowledge through regular peer-to-peer workshops and receive trusted feedback on the coffees. This particular lot is a community lot, meaning that it is composed of coffees from multiple group members. Consolidating coffees into a larger lot like this allows producers to sell lots that might not meet the quality threshold to be sold as a microlot. It also increases efficiency, reducing the need for every single farmer to market and organise the logistics for small volumes of coffee.

Some words from Nascentes:

"Women united are as powerful as the confluence of waters!

Nascentes was born from the strength of women coffee growers in Campo das Vertentes. Inspired by the water springs that turn into rivers and create some of the greatest water basins in Brazil, these women have gathered in their diversity to better showcase their essential work within coffee.”


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