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Huila Norte - Colombia - Washed

Huila Norte - Colombia - Washed

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Producers: Cadefihuila - 5 municipalities

Importer: Azahar / Langdon

Region: Aipe, Algeciras, Iquira, Palermo, Santa Maria

Processing: Washed

Varietals: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

Tastes Like: green apple, caramel, floral, balanced

Laurel and David both tasted this regional blend amongst a host of other coffees on two different occasions and independently agreed that this would make an excellent addition to our coffee offering. Working with the team at Azahar is one of our biggest joys and we’re happy to be able to source this coffee through them. 

This Castillo-Caturra-Colombia blend represents five coffee-producing municipalities of the Huila department. Sourced by Azahar’s northern regional quality manager with the help of Cadefihuila, their allied coop in this part of the state, this blend takes the palate on a sensorial tour across a part of Huila known for its mineral-rich soils, diversity of thermal floors and lively and passionate coffee-growing tradition or caficultura. 

After the cherries were carefully hand-selected for peak ripeness, they were brought down from the cafetal, weighed on sight, and processed in the traditional manner most common throughout Colombia. Once the cherry collection came in from the fields, the coffee was weighed, and fermented intact in cherry form for 24 to 36 hours, after which it was de-pulped and further fermented in a tank for 24 to 35 additional hours. The wet parchment was then dried on parabolic greenhouse for 20 days and finished in a mechanical silo dryer for 40 hours. 

We love just how every-day easy-drinking-and-still-special this coffee is. Comforting caramel and almond flavour notes go well with the outstanding stone fruit-like acidity. A slight florality gives the cup the final touch. One of the season’s best bang-for-buck!

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