Welcome to our transparency report for 2022. 

In the global coffee industry and within our own roastery home, 2022 proved to be a very busy year. 

For us, last year involved settling-in to our new base at Communal Coffee and welcoming a new permanent staff member (hi, Angel) to our small team. We did our best to respond ethically and pragmatically to drastic changes in the international coffee market.

Amid the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and subsequent logistics backlogs, the coffee industry faced a challenging year. The impact of extreme weather on coffee quality and production grew even more evident, marking only the early days of a broader global industry shift as a result of climate change.

During 2022, we raised our prices across the board for the first time in six years to more accurately reflect the price and quality of the coffee we source. It was a tough year, but one of exciting growth. We always relish the opportunity to reflect on our place in the industry and how we can contribute to its sustainable improvement. Thanks for coming along with us!

In the following report, we’ll share information about all of the coffees we bought and roasted in 2022. Overall, we roasted 27,543 kilograms  of green coffee seeds, turning them into 23,923 kilograms of brown coffee beans. That meant a total of nearly 3,000 batches at the roast machine and countless hours sourcing, analysing, celebrating and sharing these beautiful coffees. As for how many cups of coffee we drank…  those numbers we'll keep to ourselves! 

Report by: Laurel Carmichael

Proofreading & Copy-Editing: Wren Bisley

Photos: Ben Moenks

Download the report as a pdf here or click on the links below.