As a part of our new approach to sourcing coffees for you, we’ve decided to choose beans based on your drinking and preparation preferences. The coffees themselves change seasonally, but if you know how you like to prepare your brews, we can help you to make a safe choice.

Whether you brew your filter in a Chemex, an Aeropress, a french press, or a fancy new gadget, this is the coffee for you. When sourcing for this category we look for complexity, medium-high acidity and distinct flavours. The coffees are generally roasted lighter than our ISLA BLACK or MILK options.

While you’ll encounter exciting flavour descriptors like “bergamot”, or “dragonfruit,” we always make sure that these coffees are balanced and moreish… perfect for both the daily-fix and the coffee connoisseur.

To read more about the coffee that we're currently using for Isla Filter, please click here.